Münster Eights

Dear lacrosse players,

We – the Münster Mohawks – are inviting you to the second edition of the Münster Eights Tournament on the 15th and 16th July 2023. The tournament is meant to give all interested teams a good opportunity to prepare for the upcoming season and to enjoy a wonderful and sunny weekend full of lacrosse fun. After a successful first addition we are coming back bigger and better than last year. We took all the feedback from you as teams, individual players and our own views to improve the 2nd addition.

Things to look forward to in the 2nd edition:
– Same sister team system but made more clearly and more in advance
– Better players party for all
– More opportunities to play and rest
– Visible results board
– Northern Soul Lacrosse on site once again
– Same great weather* and food

*Not guaranteed – it is still Münster.

Tournament mode

We will play eight a side on smaller fields with the regular field rules. Each team will have 1 goalie, 2 defenders, 3 midfielders, and 2 attackers. There will be a 5 vs 5 around a goal. We will play in half penalties without a shot clock. It will be a goalie ball after each goal. Men will be allowed to have up to 3 longpoles on the field. Women’s fields will have an 8-meter instead of an 11-meter fan.

It will be a fun and fast game. 

We are aiming to have 5 guest teams plus a local team for men and women. The playing schedule depends on the number of teams, but we plan to have at least 5 games for each team. We will play on smaller fields with eight players incl. the goalies.

Also, we will draw each men’s team to another women’s team, which will make this tournament more fun and unique. The game results of the drawn women’s and men’s teams will be added. For example, if men A wins against men B 4:2 and women A loses 7:15 against team B, the final result for team A will be 11:17 in that round.

Food and drinks

We will sell freshly grilled burgers, waffles, and drinks at the venue of the games during the day. No breakfast or dinner will be provided. If you need help finding a restaurant for dinner, let us know, we will be happy to help.

Tournament venue

The tournament games will take place on an astroturf field at: 

Sportplatz Hiltrup Süd Westfalenstraße 240  

Westfalenstraße 240 

48165 Münster 

Players’ party

Besides the playing schedule, we would like to have an open get-together on Friday evening and let you know where we will meet. It would be useful to know when your team arrives on Friday evening and if you are interested in joining us for welcome drinks in order to sort out the venue. The players party will be on Saturday at Shooters Stars, Alter Steinweg 36, 48143 Münster.


For inexpensive accommodation, we have requested capacities in the Backpacker Hostel Münster. The hostel offers sleeping accommodations (from 17€) in shared rooms in a central location. The H.ostel offers an alternative, also in a central location. You will have to book yourselves. Unfortunately, camping at the tournament venue will not be possible.

Tournament fee 

The team fee is a total of 175€ plus 12€ per player. Party on Saturday (+free drinks) is included in the player’s fee. Your registration will be complete when you have transferred the tournament fee to the following bank account: 

Volksbank Münster 

IBAN: DE22 4036 1906 0222 5650 00 



We want fair games and a well-structured tournament. Therefore, please name us at least 2 (or rather more) umpires by name until June 12th. We will charge 50€ per missing umpire so that we will be able to look for external support. All games will be reffed by two umpires only. If one of your teammates wants to umpire only, please let us know.

Thank you for your cooperation! 


If you have decided to participate please use this Link to register:


Pick up teams 

We also have sports available for players who don’t come with a whole team! Just register with the following form: